About Us

Karvy Analytics Limited (hereafter referred as “KAL”) is led by the young and forward thinking team and focused towards building world-class solutions for the global analytics universe. KAL focused on multi-industry use cases for companies that need technology and professional services for their functional and operational analytics projects.

KAL’s wide range technology focus and long term business experience makes us a preferred solutions partner. Our innovation driven culture attracts the best information management professionals, data scientists, technology experts, process managers, architects, designers, developers and testers.

KAL’s team is equipped with professionals qualified in statistical packages such as R Ecosystem, Python, SAS and SPSS. KAL’s visualization team who are well equipped in Tableau, D3 JS, Qlik etc. will be an added advantage for the reports to be presented in your project. We also have a qualified team of Big Data Scientists working on projects using Hadoop, Spark, Hive, HQL etc.

KAL’s team combines the technical expertise needed to achieve desired results from state-of- the-art Advanced Analytics solution and leverage its expertise to do so efficiently and securely on a large amount of datasets.

KAL’s technology frameworks and process accelerators save you time and cost by providing proven business templates and domain specific data models. Base lined models are easily configurable to the size and shape of your business and implementation strategy. Our solutions cover the whole perimeter of the business organization. Beginning with external customers and internal stakeholders, and the players in the integrated ecosystem, our Functional Analytics Solution Framework provides a unified view of your business, its components and their evolving patterns.

KAL with its IP solution-“ICR solution” (Intelligent Character Recognition) is helping organization to analyze Scanned/Printed/Handwritten images and address the Business challenges to gain deeper insights like never before. Our customer benefit from conversion and digitization ofProposal forms, KYC forms, Cheque reader, Discharge summary and Claim forms through our ICR engine.

The key to great customer satisfaction is robust technology and timely services. To achieve a high level of quality in our solution engineering efforts and technical support, Karvy Analytics is partnering with the world’s leading brands.

We are forging partnerships with sophisticated technology providers and reputed market solutions to build a global analytics practice. Our customers benefit from robust tools and frameworks, proven processes and assured business outcomes. We are also tied up with renowned educational institutions and leading universities to strengthen our research and development initiatives.

Some of the value-adds from KAL services:

  • Embrace complexity, unexpected activity and changing conditions
  • Understand unstructured data
  • Optimize business processes
  • Automate governance, risk and compliance reporting
  • Evolve to insight and foresight
  • Enhance scenario planning
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