Karvy Analytics Limited is a new age company and a modern arm of the leading Karvy Conglomerate. Led by visionary management, the young and forward thinking team is building world class solutions for the global analytics universe. We are focused on multi-industry use cases for companies that need technology and professional services for their functional and operational analytics projects. We offer a range of solutions that bring immediate business benefits to our global customers who are interested in leveraging big data, statistical and mathematical modeling techniques, social analytics, and mobile descriptive analytics for new business insights.

Business Enabler, Technology Innovator

Our wide range technology focus and long term business experience makes us a preferred solutions partner. Our practice based approach enables us to create multi-industry business templates that can be reused with ease, across various business functions. Our innovation driven culture attracts the best information management professionals, data scientists, technology experts, process managers, architects, designers, developers and testers.

Analytics Expertise, Domain Solutions

Our technology solutions and professional services group comprises of individuals with deep analytics experiences in the world’s best companies. You can be assured of our wide-skilled technical experience as we create comprehensive and domain-specific analytics solutions for growing companies.

Global Infrastructure, Distributed Development

We maintain the highest standards when it comes to building client-dedicated development centers. We build systems around certified processes and with top technical talent. We are quality conscious and imbibe industry best practices into our daily life. We work in multiple time zones and support our global customers with dedicated resources and account managers. We build robust project management systems that enable us to deliver our projects with excellence and service orientation.

Seasoned Management, Mature Business, Part of the reputed Karvy Group

The Karvy Group is led by successful business and financial professionals. With strong foundations of taking multiple business ventures from start-up to steady state, Karvy Groups is well known in the asset management industry and reputed for its financial services offerings. Learn more about India’s leading business house: The Karvy Group

Alliances and Ecosystem

The key to great customer satisfaction is robust technology and timely services. To achieve a high level of quality in our solution engineering efforts and technical support, Karvy Analytics is partnering with the world’s leading brands.

We are forging partnerships with sophisticated technology providers and reputed market solutions to build a global analytics practice. Our customers benefit from robust tools and frameworks, proven processes and assured business outcomes. We are also tied up with renowned educational institutions and leading universities to strengthen our research and development initiatives.

We depute our best professionals and engage our partner’s technology teams to ensure our customers’ analytics projects are successful and insightful. The following image depicts our partner ecosystem that provides a comprehensive technology stack to manage complex analytics projects and to execute with professional precision.

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