Data Modeling Solutions

Algorithm driven Statistical and Mathematical Modeling Services

Karvy Analytics, part of the Karvy conglomerate, has vast experience in building enterprise grade systems and technology software. We use futuristic technology stacks and emerging business frameworks, to enable our clients with the desired outcomes. Advanced methodologies, expert resources, proven processes, and domain experience are key ingredients of our technology solutions.

Data Modeling


  • Drive improved decision making, leading to increased business performanc
  • Keep up with the volume, velocity and variety of data
  • Identify "monetizable" insights
  • Attain transparency to improve customer service and intimacy.
  • Become decisive by using prescriptive analytics
  • Creating higher operational excellence

Analytics Model Management as a Service

Making technology simple and its accessibility affordable, is the core of our technology vision. Using distributed technology architectures and cloud services securely, we provide our solutions and data models to multiple business functions and industry verticals. You can expect huge time and cost savings and implement operational strategies with agility.

Global Delivery

Karvy Analytics Strategic Consulting Services provides the professional expertise to assess and select hardware and software for a big data projects depending on the use case and desired business outcome, integration of data types and sources, data governance policies, roles and responsibilities for data quality, risk and security, and integration with existing infrastructure.

Our global delivery infrastructure and certified processes are at the core of sustaining your projects and ensuring successful business outcomes for your outsourced or in-sourced analytics projects. Our clients rely on our long standing relationships that have enabled them to evolve their analytics practice without upfront investments.

Data Management & Architecture

  • Big Data Strategy
  • Data Integration / Harmonization
  • Data & Content Management


  • Descriptive (reporting, dashboards and scorecards)
  • Diagnostic (online analytical processing, interactive visualization, descriptive modeling);
  • Predictive (statistics, predictive modeling machine learning)
  • Prescriptive (decision/mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization)
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