Analytics Factory

Benefits to customers

  • Facilitate visual exploration and pattern discovery of big data
  • Exploit social "content" and make new insights that foster greater collaboration
  • Facilitate better sharing, guided analysis and decision making
  • Utilize mobile for presentation on any devices, as well as location-based intelligence
  • Embrace cloud; offering flexibility for licensing and deployment


  • Global analytics capability in asset oriented industry
  • Complementary team with data scientists, big data analysts, mathematics and statistical data modelers
Analytics Factory


  • R, R-Hadoop, Mahout, custom cod
  • DB2, Greenplum, Oracle, ParAcel, Teradata, H-Base, DataStax
  • Kettle, DataStage PX, Informatica
  • Slicing, Dicing, Drill-Down, Drill-Across
  • Flume, Sqoop, Batch, Kafka, Talend

Skills & Professionals

  • Data Scientists, Information Architects, information Governance Leaders, Master Data Management (MDM), Information Strategy, Data Curation Management and Preparation, Analytic modeling, Business Modeling and Analysis
  • SOFT SKILLS: Communication, Collaboration, Leadership, Creativity, Discipline, Passion

Analyst Recommendations

Karvy Analytics partners with you throughout the following strategic recommendations:

  • Determine your use case before investing in big data technology
  • Experiment and pilot to validate the value of the use cases
  • Leverage cloud solutions for experimentation to simplify initial deployments
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