Big Data Analytics

The Karvy Analytics Factory assembles frameworks that capture the volume of structured, semistructured and unstructured data. The data is sieved through multiple processes to chaff out fine grained and poly-structured output that is further analyzed for business value.

Using our practice centered analytics factory, you can save significant upfront costs on technology and time investments. Use our tools to process your data, the technologies to analyze the output and the strategies to implement successful business cases. From discovery to deployment, Karvy Analytics partners with you for staffing your technical teams, providing the resources for design and architecture, and accessing our infrastructure to get your analytics projects off the ground.


Big Data Consulting features

Karvy’s vast experience in asset oriented industries guarantees you a trusted approach to data management and analytics insight. We provide a range of services for enterprises looking to leverage the business advantages of big data.

  • Big data platforms for migrations: Robust systems for crunching big data in all its unstructured formats and integrating techniques for data modeling
  • Analytics tools: We provide you the tools to understand unstructured social data using text mining solutions that makes sense out of machine logs, transaction files and other vast repositories.
  • Advanced analytics: for personalization and compliance, sentiment analysis, high volume data processing, data-mining, predictive analytics, reporting, visualizations and dashboards
  • Big Data Ecosystem expertise: Visualization, Hadoop, NoSSQL, NewSQL, MPP Databasaes, Machine Learning, data store connections (Amazon, Redshift, Splunk)
  • ETL Solution accelerators for extraction, transformation and loading; clean-ups, de-duplications, data asset analysis, data science roadmaps
  • Algorithms for machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, operations research

NoSQL Databases:

  • MarkLogic, MongoDB, Cassandra, Solr

Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Technologies: Cloudera, Hadapt, Hortonworks, HBase, Hive
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