Mobile Descriptive Analytics

The need for higher efficiency in business processes, improvement in employee productivity, better and faster decision making, better customer service, and delivery of realtime bi-directional data access to make decisions anytime and anywhere, are the focus of the mobile descriptive analytics initiatives across enterprises.

Karvy Mobile Descriptive Analytics Frameworks enables your workforce to gain business insights using our applications, optimized for mobile devices. Karvy Analytics’ purpose-built Mobile BI applications are designed to provide information and workflows necessary to quickly make business decisions and take action. Our mobile specific apps enable users to navigate dashboards and guided analytics efficiently.

Mobile Descriptive Analytics

Karvy Mobile Descriptive Analytics Key Features

  • Descriptive analytics content accessible on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Zero code framework for data formats
  • Data security wrappers for compliance
  • Interactivity features, optimized for touch
  • Offline viewing capabilities
  • Always available
  • HTML 5 standards, enhanced usability
  • Same look and feel, same web functionality
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry

Karvy Purpose Built Mobile Descriptive Analytics

Mobile Browser Rendered App: Any mobile device enabled web-based, thin client, HTML-only BI applications.

Customized Apps: Provide information specific to the screen size, optimize usage of screen real estate, and enable device-specific navigation controls.

Mobile Client Apps: Apps providing full interactivity with the BI content viewed on the device. This approach provides periodic caching of data which can be viewed and analyzed even offline.

  • iPhone apps coding in Objective-C
  • Android apps coding in Java

Configurable data visualizations: charts, tables, trends, KPIs Graphical, drag-and-drop development environments

Security considerations: Our comprehensive mobile security solution provide security at these levels

  • Device
  • Transmission
  • Authorization, Authentication, and Network Security

According to Citrix Mobile Analytics Report, Feb 2015:

  • The number of devices managed in the enterprise is growing by 72% over the past year.
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