SAS Technology Offerings

Karvy-Analytics offers in consulting, technology and outsourcing.

Karvy-Analytics enable organizations to use the power of analytics to seize growth opportunities, get precise answers to complex problems, and speed innovation and decision making.

Karvy’s predictive analytics solutions, powered by SAS’ pioneering analytics. We helps clients in all industries including Pharmaceuticals & Clinical Research, banking, financial services, healthcare & insurance, high tech and the public sector anticipate disruptive market and operational events and improve business performance at lower cost.

SAS Technology Offerings


  • Data integration / data warehouse
  • Business intelligence / data mining
  • Development

Analytics: Gather data, Prepare data, Cleanse data, Analyse data, Report data

Managed Services: on-promise, SAS Administration, Monitoring, Reporting, Improving

Karvy Services Over view:

Installing & Managing SAS SAS Data Management SAS Business Intelligence SAS Business Analytics
Environment Design Master Data Management Portals & Dashboards Visual Analytics
Install & Configuration Data Quality Guided Analysis Data Mining
Upgrades & Migration Data Warehousing Interactive Reports Customer Intelligence
Platform Management Data Governance OLAP Reporting & Analytics Customer Retention
Platform Security Data Security Microsoft Office Integration Segmentation
Efficiency & Monitoring Automated Data Refresh Automated Reporting Text Analysis
Performance Monitoring SAS Programming SAS Programming Forecasting

Project Management:

Our iterative project phases are summarized as:

  • Requirements:
    We gather the needs and project success criteria from the appropriate stakeholders.  With our experience we define the project plan, skills, timescales and a fixed cost needed to deliver the project.
  • Solution & Quality Design:
    We organize how the project will be delivered and assured as accurate. 
  • Implementation & Quality Assurance:
    Configuring software, SAS programs, stored processes, Data Integration jobs, Web Reports, statistical models; ultimately solving the business problem we were approach for.  We develop and execute test cases to ensure accuracy and robustness.  
  • Acceptance Testing:
    Confirm the solution satisfies the project requirements, is functionality accurate and robust prior to release.
  • Release Management:
    Promoting new functionality over old, integrating further functionality with existing, and ensuring the business users and administrators have the knowledge to use and maintain their solutions.
  • Lifetime Support:
    The continued administration, maintenance and development of solutions through on-demand and planned support.
    Phases may be conducted simultaneously or repeatedly as the project schedule requires.
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