Consumer product companies

Consumer product companies need to collaborate with channel partners to drive supply chain efficiency. From raw materials to finished goods, the entire supply chain must be efficient to meet customer demand. Once out in the market, the companies need to maintain long-term relationships with their customers to satisfy their shopping needs. Analytics solutions enable consumer product companies to understand their customers better, promote relevant solutions to targeted audiences, optimize pricing based on demand and identify value driven advertising channels. From forecasting to campaign management and final shipping, analytics is a critical tool to drive efficiency and improve brand value. View our offerings, use cases, solutions and advantages:

  • Professional Services
  • Technology Expertise

CPG Use Cases

Market segmentation, Demand forecasting, Freight planning, Schedule optimization, Resource forecasting, Performance management, Shipment scheduling, Inventory forecasting and replenishment, Network optimization, Vehicle routing, Customer order cycle time, Loyalty analysis, Campaign ROI analysis

Analytics Solutions

  • CPG Big Data Models
  • CPG Data Management
  • Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics

Analytic Advantages

  • Facilitate visual exploration and pattern discovery of big data
  • Exploit social "content" and make new insights that foster greater collaboration
  • Facilitate better sharing, guided analysis and decision making
  • Utilize mobile for presentation on any devices, as well as location-based intelligence
  • Embrace cloud; offering flexibility for licensing and deployment

Partnership Strategy

Karvy Analytics partners with you throughout the following strategic recommendations by analysts:

  • Determine your use case before investing in big data technology
  • Experiment and pilot to validate the value of the use cases
  • Leverage cloud solutions for experimentation to simplify initial deployments

Tools and Technologies

  • R, Python, Mahout
  • SAS, Dell Statistica
  • Visualization: Tableau, Spotfier, Pentaho, ClickView
  • Big Data: Hortonworks, Splunk, Greenplum, Terradata Aster
  • IBM Mimic, I-Log Elixir, Stamen, Juice Analytics, VE Videosynthesis, Photosynth, Predixon
  • SAP HANA, SSP Big Data, Oracle Exalytics, Datamirror, Revolution Analytics

Business Insights

  • Measure impact of social media campaigns
  • Revive sales and market share
  • Understand customer behavior
  • Identify market readiness for products and services
  • Set up right prices
  • Allocate marketing budget to drive sales
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