Spotting trends in advance and meeting the market demand requires agility and responsiveness. Logistics and supply chains are critical components of the retail industry. Pricing is a key differentiator and dynamic updates are a norm in the retail markets. To keep with the rapid social and savvy customers, analytics is a valuable tool to spot profitable trends, analyze weak spots and rapidly change strategy. View our offerings, use cases, solutions and advantages:

  • Professional Services
  • Technology Expertise

Key Use Cases

Sales Forecasting, KPI measurement & reporting, Cross selling opportunities, Market Basket Analysis, Network Planning & Optimization, Inventory Planning & Replenishment, Transportation Analytics, Supply Chain Performance, Shipment Tracking, Store Profitability Analysis, Labor Optimization, Customer Conversion, Customer Segmentation, Market Mix Optimization, Offer Optimization, Customer Insights, Loyalty Program Management, Customer Lifetime Value, Membership/ Retention Analysis, Shipment Tracking

Analytics Solutions

  • Big Data Insurance Models
  • Retail Data Management
  • Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics

Analytic Advantages

  • Facilitate visual exploration and pattern discovery of big data
  • Exploit social "content" and make new insights that foster greater collaboration
  • Facilitate better sharing, guided analysis and decision making
  • Utilize mobile for presentation on any devices, as well as location-based intelligence
  • Embrace cloud; offering flexibility for licensing and deployment

Partnership Strategy

Karvy Analytics partners with you throughout the following strategic recommendations by analysts:

  • Determine your use case before investing in big data technology
  • Experiment and pilot to validate the value of the use cases
  • Leverage cloud solutions for experimentation to simplify initial deployments

Tools and Technologies

  • R, Python, Mahout
  • SAS, Dell Statistica
  • Visualization: Tableau, Spotfier, Pentaho, ClickView
  • Big Data: Hortonworks, Splunk, Greenplum, Terradata Aster
  • IBM Mimic, I-Log Elixir, Stamen, Juice Analytics, VE Videosynthesis, Photosynth, Predixon
  • SAP HANA, SSP Big Data, Oracle Exalytics, Datamirror, Revolution Analytics

Business Insight

  • Merchandizing and market basket analysis
  • Campaign management and customer loyalty programs
  • Supply-chain management and analytics
  • Event- and behavior-based targeting
  • Market and consumer segmentations
  • Competitive pricing advantage
  • Efficient demand forecasting
  • Precise targeted promotions
  • Enhance profitability
  • Optimize spend
  • 360-Degree customer view
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