Telecom, Media, and Technology (TMT)

According to analysts, monetizing network investments in broadband infrastructure is a top priority for operators who are looking to reap the benefits of growing data consumption. Operators need to offer differentiated services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as to large enterprises. Analytics solutions help companies with enhanced customer self-service, hierarchical billing and end-to-end service management. Analytics used for customer experience management – including customer care and service management, related Net Promoter Scores, bundled services will ensure customer retention and target high-value customers for special attention. View our offerings, use cases, solutions and advantages:

  • Professional Services
  • Technology Expertise

Analytics Use Cases

Risk Analytics, Profitability Analytics, Demand forecasting, Churn Analysis, Marketing Optimization, Campaign Analytics, Customer Segmentation, Product Clustering, Sales Force Effectiveness, Customer Life Time Value, Reliability Analytics, Pricing Analytics


Production Management, Schedule Optimization, Resource Management, Customer Order Cycle Time, Promotion Effectiveness, Marketing Mix Optimization, Web Analytics, Market Risk Analytics, Supply Chain Performance, Cyber Security and Fraud Detection, Image and Video Processing, Product Research and Development


Audience Targeting, Campaign / Ad Effectiveness, Market / Media Mix, Audience Response Tracking, Reach Measurement / Optimization, Consumer Engagement Modeling, Audience Response Measurement, Schedule Optimization, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Capacity Planning


Network Utilization & Optimization, Consumer Preference Analysis, Billing & Fraud Analysis, Revenue Leakage Studies, Revenue, Analysis, Marketing Campaign Analysis, Usage Analysis, Bandwidth Analysis, Performance Analysis, Fault Analytics, Call Flow & Usage Analysis, Profitability Analysis (ARPU,AMPU), Profiling & Segmentation, Lifetime Value, Cart Abandonment, Funnel Analysis,

Analytics Solutions

  • Big Data Models
  • Data Management
  • Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics

Analytic Advantages

  • Facilitate visual exploration and pattern discovery of big data
  • Exploit social "content" and make new insights that foster greater collaboratio
  • Facilitate better sharing, guided analysis and decision making
  • Utilize mobile for presentation on any devices, as well as location-based intelligence
  • Embrace cloud; offering flexibility for licensing and deployment

Partnership Strategy

Karvy Analytics partners with you throughout the following strategic recommendations by analysts:

  • Determine your use case before investing in big data technology
  • Experiment and pilot to validate the value of the use cases
  • Leverage cloud solutions for experimentation to simplify initial deployments

Tools and Technologies

  • R, Python, Mahout
  • SAS, Dell Statistic
  • Visualization: Tableau, Spotfier, Pentaho, ClickView
  • Big Data: Hortonworks, Splunk, Greenplum, Terradata Aster
  • IBM Mimic, I-Log Elixir, Stamen, Juice Analytics, VE Videosynthesis, Photosynth, Predixon
  • SAP HANA, SSP Big Data, Oracle Exalytics, Datamirror, Revolution Analytics

Telecom Business Insights

  • Arrest customer churn
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Speed up growth
  • Deliver sustainable customer experience
  • Design next best offers
  • Attribution modeling
  • Viewer analytics
  • Churn modeling
  • Event analysis
  • Network Capacity Trending & Management
  • Product Research & Development
  • Revenue assurance and price optimization
  • Campaign management and customer loyalty
  • Call detail record (CDR) analysis
  • Mobile user location analysis
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