Advanced Analytics

Achieve transparency, precision and decisiveness

Streamlining structured data and synthesizing unstructured information requires complex technology stacks. Filter fine grained data from across multiple organizational sieves. We provide professional resources, the technology architecture, process frameworks, solution accelerators, and configurable domain specific data models to kick-start your business intelligence initiatives. Reporting is more meaningful and multi-dimensional, resulting from accurate analytics and statistical modeling technology. Build your business intelligence foundation and use advanced analytics tools as your lever to achieve your full potential.
  • Descriptive Analytic
  • Data Management & Business Intelligence Solutions

Big Data Analytics

  • "Big Data" is a term applied to data sets that grow so large that they become awkward to work with using commonly used software tools
  • Technologies being applied to big data include massively parallel processing (MPP) databases, data mining grids, distributed file systems, distributed databases, cloud computing platforms, the Internet, and scalable storage systems.

Social Network Analytics

  • SNA is an analytical technique to understand and map the complex networks of entities (such as people, organization etc)
  • SNA can help quantifying the ties an entity has in the entire network by some useful associated SNA metrics SNA may help people to understand and predict future network behaviors, such as their likely courses of actions and intentions in certain situations

Real time Predictive Analytics

  • Real Time predictive Analytics enables usage of real-time decisioning logic that factors in constraints (e.g. Recent complaint) to quickly identify the state of a customer’s relationship and determine appropriate treatment options to Deliver immediate, actionable customer insight for maintaining customer loyalty

Unstructured Data Analytics

  • Companies use Text Analytics to scan through comments made by people on blogs/social media/Facebook/Twitter.
  • This Involves Collecting customer feedback , sharing it with the staff, use feedback to redefine services/offers & deploy changes and then respond to customers about the new changes

Descriptive and Advanced Analytics Framework


  • BI infrastructure and administration
  • Metadata management
  • User data mash-up and modelin
  • Development tools
  • Distribution, scheduling and alerts
  • Embedded analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous data feeds

Information delivery

  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Ad hoc report/query
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Mobile descriptive analytics


  • OLAP
  • Visual-based data discovery
  • Search-based data discovery
  • Predictive modeling and data mining
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