Multi-industry Use Cases

Our template driven approach provides you the advantage of reusable data models. These assets can be configured to work across all the business functions and across multiple industry verticals

Logistics Optimization

  • Improves logistical efficiency, asset utilization, service levels and costs

Predictive Asset Maintenance

  • Reduces maintenance costs by up to 30% and bring down breakdowns by up to 75%.

Network & Flow Path Optimization

  • Minimizes total supply chain costs. Clients can achieve lowest cost network to meet projected demand patterns

Parts Optimization

  • Improves spare parts forecasting and inventory deployment to achieve target service level

Warranty Analytics

  • Enables cost reductions by addressing Product Quality, Dealer and Supplier issues.

Forecasting & Demand Planning

  • Improves forecast accuracy, predict the appropriate load requirement

Replenishment & Inventory Optimization

  • Balances inventory within the supply chain to achieve targeted customer service levels while minimizing supply chain total cost

Planning Systems Optimization

  • Optimizes inventory by providing the right parameters to configure ERP and Supply Chain planning systems

Spend Analytics

  • Provides overall spend analysis, category profiling, category analysis, spend cube refresh and report generation.
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