Operational Analytics

Aim for efficiency across the supply chain

Operations Analytics is being applied across all Supply Chain domains. We provide tools, processes, and proven practices that enable you to get started on your operational analytics endeavors. The following areas across the supply chain are key candidates for analytics projects and the focus of our solutions. Pre-configured data models and domain templates make it easy and efficient to launch your analytics programs.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Management & Business Intelligence Solution

No. Key Functions Key Challenges Solution Areas
1 Integrated Demand & Supply Planning
  • Rising Customer expectation
  • Growing Complexity
  • Unprecedented volatili
  • Forecasting Analytic
  • Promotional / Causal Forecasting
  • Supply Planning
  • Inventory Planning and Optimization
2 Procurement
  • Increase internal visibility
  • Cost Effectivenes
  • Commodity Market volatility
  • Time-to-Market effectiveness for contracting
  • Commodity Pricing
  • Risk Management
  • Spend Analytics
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • TCO Analysis
3 Manufacturing
  • Pressure to reduce costs improving speed and flexibility
  • Growth Enablement
  • New Industrial Footprint
  • Predictive Asset maintenance
  • Production planning optimization
  • Yield Optimization
  • Lean six sigma
4 Distribution & Transportation
  • Regulatory Compliance and Sustainability Pressure
  • Differentiating Customer Service
  • Stretched / Global footprint
  • Cost to Serve Analytics
  • Network Optimization
  • Flow Path Optimization
  • Carbon Footprint Analytics
5 Service Management
  • High number of parts and locations (SKUs)
  • Parts obsolescence and substitution
  • Customers demand high availability
  • High pressure for OTIF (On Time in Full)
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Early Warning analytic
  • Service network and resource optimization
6 Product Life-Cycle Management
  • Effective Innovation and Time to Market
  • Recover the customer loyalties
  • Collaborate with key suppliers
  • Portfolio Management Analytics
  • Development Time/Cost Analytics
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