• Containing Hospital Acquired Infection (Sepsis) by 21%

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  • Saving $ 1.1 mn on readmission related costs

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  • Text Analytics for Smoking Cessation

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires Providers to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery while at the same time improve the clinical quality outcomes. Initiatives like conversion to ICD 10, use of Meaningful Use compliant EHRs and transformation to Accountable Care Organization (ACO) have required Providers make significant upfront investments on infrastructures for data capture.

At Karvy Analytics, we believe that the real value of these infrastructures lie in the strong data foundation. Our BIG Data Hub is a unique platform aggregating data from all your major sources to enable you see the Single Truth of Patient. We enable you explore data visually, analyze and drill down on operational data aggregates along business dimensions like department, specialties, condition etc. Whether you have the needs on clinical, financial or risk side of your business, we provide support for end-to-end transactional processes as well as project-based and resource solutions.

Our Suite of Solutions

We offer a gamut of solutions across the entire value chain of Providers. We also undertake specialized analytics requirements per your needs and priorities. Our flexible engagement model ensures you get the most optimal value in a highly cost effective way and in quick time.

Readmission Analysis

You face the risk of losing 3% of your gross Medicare payments if your 30-day readmissions are high. You need to correctly identify an avoidable readmission and time the readmission if it’s unavoidable. Our proprietary models utilizing machine learning algorithms enable you accurately predict all kinds of readmissions. It also generates a dynamic risk score across the length of stay of patient for your pre & post discharge interventions.

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Hospital Acquired Infections Control

One in seven hospitals are being penalized for hospital-acquired infections. With 1% of your Medicare payment at stake you need to identify & predict trends in outbreak. We help you visualize HAC cases related to Septicemia, Catheter & Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) etc. as per NHSN definitions. We also help you review NHSN submission data and help prioritize the interventions.

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Population Health Analytics

Your 20% of chronic population constitutes 68% of your risk and impacts your reimbursements under Value Based Payments (VBP). As the first step, you need to identify these ‘at-risk patients’ and develop intervention programs. We help you predict the risk a patient carries, identify high opportunity patients for engagement and see the impact of your intervention program.

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ACO & Shared Savings

With more than 400 health systems opting for shared savings program (as in Jun-2015), many more are likely to take the path to accountable-care. For you to be an ACO, besides bringing an improvement in outcome, you also need to create an overall value for the network. Karvy enables you report on all CQMs, can develop provider attribution models and do beneficiary assignments for savings created.

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Referral and Leakage Analysis

As you expand your network, referral management becomes very important. It becomes even more important as you create value for patients through the network. At Karvy, we help you effectively manage your network and help analyze referral patterns & utilization of OON services. You also get to know total dollar going out of network by provider, facility, procedure, diagnosis and geography.

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Patient Flow Optimization

However good the facilities you may provide, the longer a patient stays waiting for services lower will be your scores on HCAHPS. At karvy, We help you track patient flow from admission to discharge, to help you optimize the utilisation of all your resources and improve patient satisfaction. We do this by helping you develop a process to reduce wait times at every point of care & ensure optimal patient slot strategies.

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ICD 9 to 10 conversion

ICD 10 is fast approaching. You need a fast and accurate tool to convert your ICD 9 documents and records. Our properietary self learning algorithms are quick way to achieve this. With a large pool of ICD 10 coders available offshore, you can also be sure about codes needing manual intervention and an overall quick turn-out.

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Karvy ANALYST for your Unique needs

Karvy Analytics has extensive experience in the healthcare Provider domain. Our experienced professionals have led to enhanced outcomes across the breadth of the Provider domain including clinical outcomes, transitions and transformations, and finance. We can scale-up really fast and have earned a distinguished named in market for our ability to bring in specialized resources best complementing your existing work force and processes in a quick time. Our Resource Solutions include both human capital and facilities such as our BIG Data Hub built to help you plan advanced analytics & reporting projects well under current HIPAA, PHI, and client data security requirements.

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